Hashtags have long been a tool used to ensure that people can find specific content on various social media platforms. They work exceptionally well on Instagram, and can make a real difference to your ability to be found and connect with other Instagram users.

How to use Hashtags on Instagram

The secret to using hashtags well is to make sure you use them sensibly and responsibly. One of the ways people find content and contributors they enjoy on Instagram is to search with often very specific hashtags in mind.

How to use #hashtags on Instagram
Hashtags on Instagram

Each Instagram post can be accompanied by a short caption and a few hashtags. For example, a florist might post a picture and then use #flowerlovers #handmadebouquets etc.. when it’s uploaded to Instagram.

By using these two hashtags, the image is catalogued so other Instagram users who enjoy looking at flowers or floral bouquets can find them, even though they don’t yet follow the florists company’s Instagram feed. Interestingly, when someone shares your Instagram content to Facebook, the Instagram hashtag is also published along with it, unless specifically removed.

This means your content has a much better chance of being discovered by other people who have not seen it on Instagram.

The most common mistake is to use too many or irrelevant hashtags. I tend to think that the optimum is around 3-5, any more and your feed can look a little ‘spammy’!

Many businesses and high-profile bloggers have had great success by using popular hashtags sparingly, often creating new ones that are uniquely related to their brands. For example, my other blog is Backpacks and Suitcases, and I use #backpacksandsuitcases as my ‘trademark’ on my @backpacksandsuitcases Instagram and it provides an easily identifiable hashtag for followers to find and use.

Please be aware that you cannot ‘refresh’ older posts by adding new hashtags in a comment. Instagram has implemented a new update which means that no matter when you add them to your photo or video, it will appear in that hashtag feed with other photos and videos posted at its original posting time. No more ‘bumping’ posts!

Do you regularly use hashtags as an Instagram marketing technique? Do you have your own or do you get inspiration from and use other popular ones – there are some lovely ones to follow if you want to engage with like-minded Instagram members! I’d love to hear from you!

Happy tagging!

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