I’m popping by this morning with a brief post to share the wonderful Trees For Trees campaign. It’s such a worthy cause and absolutely perfect for this time of year!

The Heart of England Forest love trees – and that’s why they are planning to plant a whole forest in a day. That’s an incredible 10,000 new trees growing right in the middle of England! They’re doing this to raise awareness of the lack of woodland coverage in England, and everyone can get involved!

Trees For Trees Campaign

Simply share a picture or a photo of a tree with #treesfortrees on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and they’ll plant a tree for you on 2nd November 2015. It’s as easy as a click, a tap or a tweet – one message and you’ll help make England a greener, more beautiful place.

Trees For Trees


Plus, one lucky contributor will be selected to name the forest! How exciting!

So why not join me and do something amazing today – be a part of the #treesfortrees campaign and watch a forest grow as they plant a real forest on the day, and a virtual forest of all your images too.

I’ll be posting a few images on my Instagram feed over the next few days, so please take a look if you want some tree inspiration! The colours are amazing right now, so this is the perfect time to get out and take some photos. As always, my Instagram feed is from my iPhone photos, as is the image above.

Have fun!

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