As the school holidays draw to a close, we decided on one last treat – a family trip to Legoland!

Any visit to a theme park isn’t to be undertaken lightly, largely due to the ticket costs, so if you’re planning a trip I hope these simple tips will help guide you and make your visit as memorable as it can possibly be – for all the right reasons!

Ten Tips For Visiting LEGOLAND
Amazing ‘Miniland’…

1. Try to avoid Fridays and Saturdays as these are the busiest days and the queues are always going to be at their longest.

2. Admission is from 10am. The gates are open earlier, and we arrived at around 9:20am. This gave us time to queue for tickets and get into the park as it opened at 10am. We were even able to enjoy the first few rides without queuing!

Welcome to LEGOLAND!

3. The shows and stunt displays are well worth watching, so pick up a timetable and plan your day accordingly. They are very popular and seats get taken quickly so you will need to arrive early to get the best seats and the best views! Beware empty seats, this could mean you are sitting in a soak zone!

4. If you are on a budget take snacks and drinks in with you, there are plenty of places to eat but they get very busy and you may have to queue and wait for a table.

5. Parking is extra – we paid an additional £4, so add this to your budget!

6. There are LOTS of rides which feature water, and a few watery surprises too when you least expect them! Take a change of clothes and something waterproof if you can, and be prepared to be soaked! A couple of towels wouldn’t go amiss either!

Queues for the popular rides are very long, so get there early!

7. There are several gift shops and stalls and it’s tempting to buy souvenirs as you go around, but it’s better to do this when you are on your way out at the larger gift shop as you won’t want to carry too much around with you!

There’s lots to buy too!

8. You will need at least one full day to see the sights! it can be very tiring though, so if you can factor in a break/sit down you will be more refreshed!

So much to see…

9. Plan your route around the park with the free maps, if you’ve something special you want to see then head there first before it gets too crowded!

10. Enjoy – it really is a lovely place for a day out!

Carol x


  • Cheryl Pasquier
    Posted 28th April 2015 7:52 pm 0Likes

    Noted for the towels and the change of clothes ! Thanks for your advice, very useful 🙂

  • Carol
    Posted 28th April 2015 8:02 pm 0Likes

    Glad it helped, yes – you seem to get soaked when you least expect it, even when walking around garden areas and train rides!

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