As an enthusiastic ‘Instagramer’ I have picked up lots of great hints and tips for taking and posting great Instagram photos, and today I thought I’d share some with you – especially as Instagram recently had a great makeover with lots of new features!

It’s often said that the best camera you’ll have is the one you have with you, and Smartphones have revolutionised our ability to capture special moments and share them instantly with whoever we want! A few simple tips will easily take those photos to a new level!

Top Instagram Tips and Tricks Part One – some technical tips!

1. Instagram tends to work best with a square crop… Lots of Smartphone cameras let you set the crop or aspect before you even take the photo, so you can see how your photo will look even before you open it in Instagram! I always use my camera phone (rather than the Instagram camera) and then edit in Instagram or similar app such as Pic Tap Go.

2. Avoid the temptation to centre your images. Professional photographers use the rule of thirds. Use the square grid on your phone and place your subject on an intersection if you can, this is widely accepted to be more pleasing to the eye!

3. Make the most of the Instagram tools, they really can improve your images. I almost always use the straightening tool to make sure horizons are straight on landscape photos. If you have a picture involving lots of shapes and buildings then your priority should be to ensure you have straight verticals.

Use the straighten tool to ensure your horizon is straight…

4. Filters are great for adding mood and atmosphere to photos, but it is a question of preference. Some people don’t use filters at all, others almost always use them. I always treat every image separately and only use a filter when I think it adds a new dimension to the image. You can now control the strength of the filter too, so you can make it as subtle as you want.

Subtle filters often work best…

5. Keep it simple! Try not to overcomplicate images, less is often more and one item photographed cleverly can make much more impact than a busy picture with too many items.

Keep it simple…

Whatever else you do, make sure you have fun and connect with other Instagram users who will inspire you.

If you are looking for a focus for your pictures, why not join in my weekly ‘Family Friday’ competition. Each week there’s a theme and you simply post a picture on Instagram and then tag it #familyfriday, with a second tag directly related to the theme. The ‘winner’ is announced on my blog the following week and a small prize sent to them. Other wonderful images are shared too!

Please ensure images posted are your own and are taken during the week if at all possible. You can find out more from my Instagram feed.

Carol x 

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  • Martina
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    Hi Carol, great tips! Will try them. x Speak soon x Martina

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