Tooth Fairy Gift Ideas

It won’t be long before The Tooth Fairy makes her first visit to our house, and I have a feeling it will be a momentous visit! It’s quite a landmark event in a child’s life and thanks to ‘Peppa Pig’ I already have two children who are more than clued up for her visit!

I’ve been sourcing creative ideas for keeping the magic of the occasion alive as we wait for her arrival! All of these items would make great gifts too!

The Tooth Fairy Gift Ideas
Tooth Fairy Door by Hollyanna

Tooth Fairy doors are great displayed in a child’s bedroom, either on a skirting board or propped up on a shelf or cupboard… I love the doors designed by Hollyanna! I like the fact that the door is locked, as only the tooth fairy can open it!

Our door arrived beautifully packaged from Hollyanna, and is now strategically attached to the wall just above a skirting board.

Essential Tooth Fairy Apparatus from Hollyanna!

Tooth Fairy cushions look great hanging on a child’s bedpost. We loved these ones by Anne-Marie at Heavenly Hearts. They are available in pink, blue, red or green gingham fabrics.

Tooth Fairy Cushion from Heavenly Hearts

There is a little card in the pocket which says:

“Dear Tooth Fairy, My tooth came out when I tried to bite. Please little tooth fairy visit tonight! Love from…” (and a space for the child to write their name).

As an alternative, these personalised Tooth Fairy bags are great too! I have just received one from Tillie Mint for my son, and am about to order for my daughter too! The bag is just the right size to keep any little tooth safe but more importantly, big enough for the reward!

Tooth Fairy Bags from Tilly Mint

Everything is ready for the arrival of the tooth fairy (whenever that might be!) and I am hoping these extra touches will lead to a few big (toothless!) smiles…

Carol x

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