As many of you will know, I’m a little obsessed with gardening! Although I have a relatively small garden, I love filling it with flowering plants in an attempt to make my own cut-flower garden. The added benefit is I now enjoy the fruits of my labour with lots of beautiful flowers for my photography and styling.

From our garden…


Like many families, we have also become keen ‘Grow Your Own’ gardeners, and our children are wonderfully enthusiastic about growing their own fruits and vegetables. There is nothing nicer than watching my son and daughter venture out into the garden to harvest their very own strawberries and cherry tomatoes, picked freshly, eaten quickly and grown organically!

French Beans
Herb Crate


My journey along the whole ‘Grow Your Own’ movement started with a gift from my husband, the brilliant Crops in Pots book, which showed me how easy it was to grow your own fruit and vegetables in a relatively small space. Since then we’ve dabbled quite a bit with growing things in pots!

Stacks of Flavour

I do, however, love the look of vintage crates, so when Stacks of Flavour contacted me, I just had to have a look! For Stacks of Flavour it’s all about making fresh, flavoursome, home-grown fruit and vegetables accessible to everyone, no matter what their gardening experience or how tiny a space they have.

Ready to harvest…


Their vintage crates look wonderful, and can be personalised for free! They would make great Christmas gifts for someone who’s ready to take the plunge and have a go at growing their own food, and harvesting it in as little as 8-10 weeks! The crates are stackable, so prefect if your available space is at a premium.

There are lots of options available, we really like the Speedy Leaves collection (perfect for impatient children!) and the cleverly named Pizzabox with the world’s first fully blight resistant tomato (so you really can’t go wrong!) which is ideal for cooking or salads, with a classic combination of basil and oregano.

Do pop over and take a look at Stacks of Flavour, they have plenty of ideas and a really user-friendly website which gives you lots of step by step planting and growing guidance via useful videos and pictures.

I’m going to add them to my Christmas ‘To Give’ list, and possibly make a few hints about getting one too!

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