Having recently read and shared Decorate with Flowers by Holly Becker, I’m definitely in the mood for a little spring styling! February is a tricky month to navigate! Some days tease us with a definite glimpse of spring, and others plunge us right back into winter!

Spring Styling for your Home

Spring is definitely around the corner though, and with this in mind I thought I’d share a few simple yet effective spring styling tips!

1. Treat Yourself to some Flowers

Fresh flowers are a joy at any time of the year! Now’s is the time to bring them back into your home! Give your vases a good wash to make them sparkle again, and choose spring pastels to give that seasonal appeal!

Cut flowers need fresh water daily, and a drop of bleach added to the water will maintain  freshness. Also, when you’re arranging flowers, strip the lower stems of leaves as submersion in water will turn them into a slimy pulp.

2. Style a Vignette

Apartment Apothecary launched ‘styling the seasons’ a few years ago and advocate setting up little vignettes around your home! Whilst having a spring clean you might come across a few items you’d forgotten you had (vases, candlesticks, holiday mementos, photo frames etc).

Use these to create a display on a shelf, mantelpiece, coffee table or any suitable space. It’s great to show off your treasures, get creative and style your home.you can have added fun by changing the look every few weeks too!

3. Change your Accessories

Sometimes it’s the smallest things which can make a big difference to a room! Simply changing the accent cushions or adding a new table runner can make a real difference! Maybe your plants need potting up with fresh compost and a new pot to show them off? maybe a new home fragrance diffuser or new candles will make you feel that a change of season is on the horizon!

None of these tips require a huge financial outlay, yet all of them can add a little freshness and colour to your home and help banish those winter blues!

Happy styling!

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Picture credits – flowers in bottles photo from Decorate with Flowers, throws image from Cox and Cox

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