Website Content Review

There are many ways to fill a website with great content. The key is to make the content well written and as useful to your users as possible. This will not only help your site visitors to find what they need but Google’s sophisticated algorithms will also recognise your website to be an important site of good quality. Content can be added to all your pages in the form of text, images, graphics and video. Once you have your content in place, you need to ensure it is well-organised on an easy to navigate website.

Updating and reviewing content and website organisation regularly and adding new pages or blog postswill keep your website fresh.

One of the services I offer is a full content review to assess where improvements can be made, what is working for you already and where there are niches or areas that you may have not yet covered. I can review your site and make recommendations in the form of an easy to read and implement report. Alternatively, we can work together to create the content that is required or I can create it for you.

As part of my review I will consider:

  • Quality and length of text on each page
  • Positioning of text on page
  • Presence of keywords and keyword density
  • Meta data optimisation
  • Image/video optimisation
  • Url structure
  • Internal links between pages
  • Navigation Menu

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective!

Finally, if you want to discuss your online content, please contact me for further information. I look forward to hearing from you!