Makelight Photography Workshop

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend Emily Quinton’s Makelight Photography Workshop in London. As you might remember from my previous post, I’d been looking forward to it for what seemed ages, and was really hoping it would live up to my expectations…

Armed with a notebook, a fully charged phone/camera and my husbands rather professional DSLR (which has far too many buttons and settings for my liking!), I arrived at the workshop venue… As an experienced blogger I was more interested in the photography aspect of the workshop – especially being able to use my camera(s) to better effect, and setting up and photographing mini styled shoots.

Emily brought along a lovely collection of objects to group/arrange and photograph – all of which reflected her unique and unmistakable style. Throughout the entire day she supported, encouraged and guided us with her natural warmth and humour. It was a privilege to be able to tap into her wealth of knowledge and expertise.

There were plenty of beautiful objects to photograph during the day!

Blogging can be quite a solitary pursuit and it was also lovely to meet and chat with other bloggers in the ‘real world’, sharing tips and learning from each other.

I’ve since been putting lots of Emily’s advice into practise – I’m regularly posting on Instagram, finding inspiration (and sharing it too!) on Pinterest, and experimenting with mini shoots at home! I’ve started using some new APPS recommended by Emily, and have been ‘borrowing’ my husbands DSLR (don’t tell him!)

Thank you Emily for sharing your expertise, for your encouragement and for sharing so much loveliness! To quote a well-known phrase ‘I’ll be back!’

In the meantime, I really do recommend Emily’s Makelight Photography Workshops!

Carol x


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