I’d waited a long time for this to arrive, and the Makelight Weekend with Emily Quinton, Ruth Garner and four fellow bloggers/photographers really didn’t disappoint! I’m forever mentioning how great Emily’s London Workshops are, and I couldn’t wait to go on something a little more substantial! So after waiting a few months, I had the amazing opportunity to spend the weekend in a beautiful beach house in Winchelsea.

Our house in Winchelsea
It was called (unsurprisingly!) Wynchelsea

Magical Makelight Weekend

I literally had the luxury of being able to spend the whole time taking pictures, eating, talking and sharing stories, ideas and photos!

Beautiful vintage furniture…

The house was bathed in light for most of the day, and was perfect for natural light photography.

Lovely kitchen area!

The house itself was beautiful and full of vintage charm! It was an amazing space to live in and was just perfect for all our photography projects which were ongoing throughout the weekend.

Lovely bathroom too!
Sociable living…
Glorious weather!

We managed an afternoon excursion into the beautiful bustling town of Rye for some prop shopping in the local antique shops, and I had my first foray into the world of foraging with one of my ‘partners-in-crime’ – I mean fellow bloggers!

Great props too!

I was the last to arrive at the house due to some family issues the day before, and was feeling somewhat nervous! I hate to be late or the last to arrive at events, as it always makes me feel somewhat awkward. I’d also never been away for a weekend with people I didn’t know before, and never been away from my husband and two young children for an entire weekend! I had nothing to worry about though, as everyone was warm, friendly and welcoming and I soon felt as if I’d known them all for much longer than a few hours!

This wonderful thing called ‘blogging’ (and a passion for photography) connected us all, and it was brilliant to sit and chat about our blogging and photography experiences, hopes and dreams.

My aim for the Makelight weekend was to continue to improve my photography, and to become much more competent at using my fairly new Fuji. I still took plenty of photos on my iPhone for my Instagram feed, and yet had the time to experiment with my Fuji and dabble with a few interiors shots. Emily gave us all very detailed and constructive feedback, and I left knowing I want to continue to practise and improve with every opportunity I get!

Thank you so much to Emily, Ruth and my fellow housemates for an amazing Makelight weekend!

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  • Emmw
    Posted 29th September 2015 8:21 pm 0Likes

    So jealous! Looks like a fab weekend Carol & what beautiful photographs, so pleased you had a good time xx

  • Carol
    Posted 30th September 2015 6:45 am 0Likes

    Thank you Emma, it was lovely! First time I have been away from the family for a weekend, missed them though!

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