Following on from my earlier post on the infamous Tooth Fairy, I can now confirm that she has made a couple of appearances in our house, with at least another three imminent! I think it’s going to be a very busy autumn for her!

Magic and Mystery of The Tooth Fairy

Our routine is pretty much organised now… We have special personalised Tooth Fairy bags (beautifully made by Tillie MInt), ready to put under pillows at night time…

Bedrooms also have to be tidied just before her appearance – apparently she doesn’t like messy rooms!

Tooth Fairy Bags

My children are also currently obsessed with what they look like when asleep, and so they’ve been treated to some new warm and cosy pyjamas from House of Fraser, perfect for autumn and for creating a good impression when she arrives!

The ‘Fabric Flavours’ range is really good quality, with lots of popular branded designs!

House of Fraser Pyjamas

Both my children are curious about her and I am often bombarded with questions…

Why can’t they open her special little door in the wall? What does she do with all the teeth she collects? Does she ever leave teeth behind? Where does her money come from?

My personal favourite has to be – What happens when the tooth fairy looses her own teeth? Who collects them?

A couple of wonderful story books have certainly helped here, we love The Night Before The Tooth Fairy, a funny story my son loved about a stubborn tooth which just won’t come out! Dear Tooth Fairy is also a beautiful book with fold-out letters and real gifts from the Tooth Fairy, a real winner with my daughter!

So many special things to keep the magic and mystery alive!

Carol x


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