Some time ago I wrote a blog post on the gorgeous Teal Range Cooker from Everhot. It’s still an amazing colour and definitely a real statement piece. It’s one of these cookers which sits happily on my wish list! I love the retro yet very contemporary feel, and therein lies the appeal for me! At the moment though I’m rather torn, as Everhot have gone and introduced some new gorgeous colours!

Kitchen Cooker Style from Everhot

Yes, they’ve introduced the NEW Dusky Pink electric range cooker! The colour of country kitchens has continued its renaissance in the past year, and now dusky pink (one of this year’s hottest colour trends) follows the success of the Teal cookers. Here it’s been combined with dark blue, but it would look just a lovely with neutral colours!

Everhot Dusky Pink

If pink isn’t doing it for you, then Everhot’s NEW limited edition colour will make you ‘Fern Green’ with envy! The cooker is fresh, lively and sure to make a statement in your kitchen.

Everhot Fern Green

Everhot’s handbuilt cookers are the most energy efficient heat storage ranges on the market.  Using less than half the energy of comparable range cookers, Everhot cookers gently warm a kitchen using electricity, making them quick to switch on or off. They are easy to install, well suited to running off solar or other forms of renewable energy and, above all, great for cooking. With a wide choice of sizes and models there’s an Everhot to suit every kitchen.  Lower energy bills and the absence of any servicing costs only add to their appeal!

The first Everhot range was built more than 35 years ago at Coaley Mill in Gloucestershire. The aim was to develop an efficient heat storage range which would make use of the water turbine installed by the owner, Ossie Goring.  While Ossie still lives at the mill, his son, Guy, now runs the business. Everhot certainly move with the times though, and their passion for conserving energy has led to the whole company being carbon negative.

My wish list just got longer!


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