Kind Words

Loving all the fab activity. A wedding supplier sent me a private Facebook message today asking where I’d suddenly learnt all this networking!

Fab Activity

Caroline, Cake designer

I had recently launched my own business and had been running it for a few months but I felt that I needed to expand my profile a little within the local community and clarify my brand a bit. I did feel a bit like I was drowning in it all. Amazing, thank you for all the work you did!.

New Business Support

Sara, Home Tutor

Wow, you are so clever! Thank you, thank you, thank you! So pleased with how my website came out, exactly how I envisioned it.

New Website

Donna, Florist

Thank you for all your work! Sara and I are very keen to keep this momentum going and look at other ways to raise our profile online. Please can we schedule another meeting!

Raising Our Profile

Jonathan, Boutique Owner

You know we’re massive fans of your photography and styling here, and it’s great you are working with us and our flowers!

Massive Fans

Olivia, Bloom & Wild