Last week I actually ventured into our shed… It was the first time in ages, and I was struck by what a cool space it is! It’s bright and has some lovely light coming through the window! At present it’s full of our children’s garden toys, and a few odds-and-ends which I’m never sure where to store!

It’s a Shed Thing

We do, however, have grand plans for our shed, once we’ve worked out a few logistics! Storage issues seem to be a big theme for my life (and this blog!), but I’m determined to crack them and turn our shed into something a little more creative! Ideally I’d love a small summer playroom and relaxing space for the family. With this in mind I thought I’d share some cool shed design tips with you… After all, it’s good to dream!

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Declutter and Clean

As spring approaches, now is a great time to start some decluttering. Garden sheds invariably turn into dumping grounds for all things damp and dirty. They can quickly become the domain of the garden spider! Spring is a great time to reclaim the shed as your outside room and it’s best to begin with a sweep, declutter and a spring clean!

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Painting Interior and Exterior

We have already made a start, and painted the exterior of our shed a lovely pale green shade from Cuprinol called Willow. The inside walls are painted white. The white paint has made a huge difference to the light, and it works as a perfect backdrop for whatever you decide to use your shed for!

Image from Desire to Inspire Blog


Utilise Space

Sheds are invariably small spaces, so consider how you use the space along either side, leaving enough space in the middle to move from the front to the back of the shed. It’s a bonus if you can create adequate storage space under shelves and units too! If your shed is going to be a space for children as well as adults, make sure everything is easy to put away and keep tidy!

Room Comforts

If designed correctly, there is no reason why your shed can’t become an additional room – ready to use throughout the year. As with all rooms, think about practical flooring, lighting and heating. This will make a great difference to the feel of the room, and also to how often you are able to use it!

Image from Angel in the North Blog


I can’t wait to start on our shed (again!) this spring, and will keep you posted!

Do you have a cool shed? How do you organise it? Or maybe you too have a dream shed in mind… I’d love to hear from you!

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