Last weekend we went on a visit to the new IKEA Greenwich. We wanted to see for ourselves what this celebrated store had to offer Londoners, and to find out if the rumours of traffic/travel chaos and huge crowds were true!

IKEA Greenwich Crowds

IKEA Greenwich

Designed with Londoners and the environment in mind, IKEA Greenwich is their most sustainable store. It really is a very unique space and you’ll discover on your walk around many sustainable features including greywater recycling, rainwater treatment and solar panels – plus a sensory wildlife garden and learning lab for upcycling workshops!


The new IKEA can be found at Millennium Way Retail Park in North Greenwich. 11 bus routes takes you directly there, and it’s an 11 minute walk from Westcombe Park Rail or a 10 minute bus ride from Charlton Railway station. You can also take a 10-minute bus from North Greenwich station on the Jubilee line (or take the 22 minute walk). There’s a minicab desk near the store exit with four cab sizes available, depending on your load. Pay by cash or card and so there’s no surprises, the price is based on your postcode. All part of their commitment to sustainable travel. Even their staff have to evidence a sustainable commute!

IKEA Greenwich Cafe

When we arrived (just before store opening on Sunday morning) the queues to get in were horrendous. once inside however, people started to disperse and after the first ten minutes or so we started to relax and enjoy looking around without having to navigate crowds. This is by far the best laid out IKEA I’ve been to, the lightest and most spacious. The displays were lovely, and the stock seemed to be constantly replenished – none of the rumoured empty shelves. The walk through furniture collection to the tills was lighter and brighter than many gloomy IKEA’S, with beautifully designed cafe’s and greenhouse areas. The restaurant was busy, but we still managed to treat the children to a hotdog meal – and without too much of a wait!

Will we return… absolutely, but maybe once the queues to get in have subsided just a little!

Carol x