Today I thought I’d continue my feature posts on all things ‘hygge’, especially as the colder weather seems to be here at the moment and winter also seems to be fast approaching…

Tricky to translate into English, hygge is a Danish word which describes the feeling that comes from having a cosy and comforting time with people you love, including feasting on good food and drink. It is about being calm, present and happy. You can read more about hygge here

I’ve previously written about how to achieve hygge with candles and also blogged my White Company Hygge Edit, and today I wanted to shift emphasis to hygge food!

Hygge with a Biscuit on a Plate

In Denmark autumn days tend to be very cold and damp, so when you return home you will long for something warm and soothing. Autumn is the season for soup, stews and home-baked bread  – and sharing soup and bread with family and friends is totally hygge!

I’ll save those recipes for another blog post, but in the meantime just the act of having a hot drink and a treat such as a biscuit is a quick and very easy way to achieve a little bit of hygge in our everyday lives. Some writers have even gone as far as describing the British preoccupation of ‘having a nice cup of tea’ as our equivalent of hygge.

Artisan Biscuits

I recently discovered Artisan Biscuits and they have a wonderful selection of delicious biscuits made by real people.

They kindly sent me some boxes of their Elegant and English® biscuits, and they really are wonderful! Elegant & English® are refined all-butter biscuits, each with subtle and interesting infusions of two natural flavours that ebb and flow on the palate.

Hygge with a Biscuit on a Plate

Slim and crisp – and the perfect complement to a cup of tea or any warm and comforting drink at any time of day! The range is as follows:

CHOCOLATE & RASPBERRY – The classic marriage of raspberry fruitiness and chocolate richness. (This was my absolute favourite!)

HONEY & ALMOND – Subtlety and nuttiness of almond with the warmth of honey.

VANILLA & CREAM – Clotted cream richness with vanilla fragrance.(A winner with my husband!)

GINGER & LEMON – Their signature biscuit. Winner of “Outstanding Cookie” at NASFT Fancy Food Show, New York 2007.

Do pop over and have a look at their gorgeous selection of biscuits on their website, there’s lots of ideas for sharing some much needed winter hygge this Christmas and winter! I’ll be placing my order very soon!

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