I always think that the first impression you have of a property is the most important. A first view of a house is a little bit like a first handshake, it sets the scene! The inside of the property is more like a equivalent to the human voice, it’s where the initial impression deepens and character emerges!

Whether you are trying to sell your house, or just ready for a spring refresh, achieving some instant curb appeal isn’t as hard as you’d imagine!

Here are a few quick and easy top tips for adding curb appeal to any property…

How To Add Instant Curb Appeal

Clean and Tidy

1. Keep your front door in immaculate condition. It might benefit from a new coat of paint or simply a good clean, but a shiny and well-maintained front door always creates a good impression. Don’t forget to clean and polish door fixtures and fittings too!

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2. Clean all hardware surrounding your door – postboxes and outdoor lights all look better for a polish!

3. Make sure that if you have a front garden you have a clearly defined path with easy access to your property. Now is a great time to trim bushes and tidy plants before they start to flowers and spring into life! Ensure paths are swept and that the last of the winter leaves and debris has been swept up.

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4. Create an instant garden beside your door. We have a deep blue plant pot (rather large!) which has an azalea planted in it. It’s glorious in May and June and remains a healthy green bush for the rest of the summer. We keep it watered and give the glazed pot a wipe from time to time, but other than that it’s very low maintenance!

Everyone loves to see a little greenery and planters can look really attractive. Choose something which suits the style of your property – from urban chic to country cottage! You can buy ready planted pots from local garden centres and window boxes too.

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5. Install some outdoor lighting to give your home a welcoming appeal. If you aren’t able to use lights which require wiring, install some solar fixtures as an easier alternative! Solar lights are not as bright or as reliable as fully wired lights. They do, however, come in a great selection of shapes and sizes and can often be moved around to create different effects.


6. Make sure that the front exterior to your house looks well-maintained. Check gutters and pipes to see if they need a clean or replacing. Consider an exterior face-lift with a fresh coat of paint if your home is looking a little tired and dated.

Spring is the perfect time to give your house some curb appeal! Do you have any projects in mind? I’d love to hear from you!

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