There is no doubt that we have all become a little obsessed in recent years with all things Danish and Scandi, especially when it comes to home decor! The Danish seem to have an inherent sense of style and simplicity and a lifestyle which seems rooted in calmness and positivity – pretty good going for a country which has just eight hours of daylight for several months of the year!

The latest new and fascinating Danish import is a concept which you’ll hear lots about in the coming weeks – hygge (pronounced hue-gah!).

Hello Hygge!

So what is ‘hygge’? Essentially it’s an approach to life which encompasses those qualities of life we all aspire to – warmth, cosiness, peace, tranquility, togetherness and contentment. It’s about creating an atmosphere and an environment where those qualities can be promoted and developed, especially in the home. It’s a way of life and of design which works all year round but seems particularly relevant as we approach winter…

Hygge is simple and easy to achieve, and I’ll be giving you some tips during the next few weeks to show you how you too can bring a little hygge into your family home over the coming months! Hygge isn’t uniquely Danish, it’s there for everyone and approaches comfort and warmth in the same way we traditionally reach for ‘a nice cup of tea’ when we need cheering up, a social time with friends, or five minutes away from our busy lives. Hygge is about living in the moment, making time, celebrating precious times and making something ordinary special, spiritual and simple. Everything about hygge is simple, gentle and achievable.

The Little book of Hygge

If you are as fascinated by this concept as I am, then you might find The Little Book of Hygge the perfect starting point, great for beginners and plenty of ideas! It’s currently an Amazon bestseller at only £7.99! Click on the image below to take you directly to the Amazon website!

Watch out later this week for my first hygge post, and in the meantime take a look at my hygge board on Pinterest.

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