This is a slightly random post for me, but with the summer holidays here I’m trying to focus on some rest and relaxation, along with a healthy eating plan! I was considering a few posts along these lines and then decided it would make more sense to share something I’ve been doing for several years now… drinking a cup of hot lemon every morning…

Health Benefits of Hot Lemon

Many nutritionists recommend a cup of hot water with fresh lemon juice as the ideal drink to start your day. I really miss it if for some reason I can’t have my early morning lemon drink, and it has become a habit I have no intention of breaking!

Hot lemon to start the day a healthy way!

There are quite a few health benefits too! Here are the main ones…

1. Hot lemon helps your body detox, the combination of hot water and lemon stimulates your liver and flushes out nasty toxins.

2. It also has the same cleansing effect on your digestive tract, helping food pass through your system with ease as it aids the production of bile and digestive juices.

3. Lemon juice contains pectin, which has been shown to aid in weight-loss. I haven’t seen much evidence of this personally, but it has got to be better than the huge number of sugary drinks on the market at present – and certainly won’t interfere with any diet plans either!

4. Hot water not only cleanses your system, the added flavonoids from lemon juice may also help reduce unwanted acidity in your stomach, so you recover much quicker from potential upset stomachs!

5. It is excellent for maintaining healthy eyes and skin.

Not forgetting hot lemon is also great for colds (an excellent source of Vitamin C), has natural antibacterial properties (great for colon health) and maintains PH levels in the body. It is also an excellent source of potassium and magnesium.

I always use organic and unwaxed lemons, and have my water warm rather than hot!


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