I must admit that when it comes to being green fingered, I’m not always that lucky! I have much more success in my garden than I do inside my home! Having said that, I love houseplants! They are having a real revival at present and there are many super stylish ways to show them off!

For today’s blog post I thought I’d share with you some houseplant design inspiration. There are some amazingly creative ideas out there, and I’m keen to try a few myself!

Designs on Houseplants

My Pinterest board provides lots of inspiration, but here are a few of my favourite highlights…

Create a Small Vignette

I’ve previously extolled the virtues of creating small and interesting vignettes, and houseplants work well too! Grouping houseplants looks really effective and is beneficial to the plants, too. Keeping plants in close proximity to each other boosts humidity. This helps the plants stay healthier and thrive a bit longer between watering.

Image from ‘Fall for DIY’.


Think Vertical

Vertical gardens are becoming increasingly popular both inside and out! They are perfect if you are looking to add a wall feature. Palettes and old cupboard draws work well as they can be filled with various mosses, air plants and succulents. Air plants are the simplest and easiest, because they require no soil. Succulents require very little soil, so using shallow containers isn’t an issue! To maintain the plants simply spray with water as required!

Ladders can achieve a similar effect when propped up against a wall.

Image from ‘Organic Daily Post’
Image from ‘Burkatron’


Terrarium Style

Terrariums come in many shapes, sizes and styles. You can hang them or buy a table-top design.That’s what makes them great plant containers for just about any space. They also look super chic and can work in any interior design scheme, from country cottage to urban chic!

Image from ‘Garden Pics and Tips’.


Add A Little Detail

Whatever plants you choose or use, you want to show them off to their best advantage.This means thinking not only about where you display your plants to their best advantage, but also what you put them in! Containers come in all different shapes, sizes and colours – don’t be afraid to experiment and find something which suits the plant and the location it’s in! Even terracotta pots can look quirky and interesting!

Image from ‘What Olivia Did’.
Image from ‘Growing Spaces’.


Whatever you choose, and however you display it, have a little fun! And remember, houseplants are great for purifying and refreshing the air we breathe. They are also great for balancing humidity and improving concentration!

Happy styling!

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