We are in a very busy phase at the moment and every day my son comes home from school with a new party invitation! There are obviously a lot of summer born children in his class!

I’m constantly looking for birthday cards and gifts for his friends and it’s always nice to come across something different! I recently discovered the Artful Kids website, what a brilliant find! Artful Kids is a Children’s Art and Creativity Boutique and it’s packed with fabulous finds!

Crafty Cards To Make

Both my children love drawing and they have their own sketchpads which they continually draw and doodle in. It’s lovely when they also have a chance to draw for a purpose and I love the Artful Kids ‘Make Your Own Cards’ – such a simple and great idea!

My son has just fininshed a ‘monster’ card for his friend – not the fiercest monster I’ve seen but a great personalised card all the same!

A crafty card from Artful Kids…

They have several cards in their range and I’ve kept a few back for family birthdays too!

Crafty Cards!

There are some lovely finds on Artful Kids, I love the Alphabet Crayons (possibly too nice to use?!) and the Art While You Eat Placemats are such a clever idea!

I display a lot of the children’s drawings and art work on my kitchen wall, and then eventually the special pieces get filed away. I do like the Art Acrylic Blocks as a more permanent and colourful way to display their pictures and also the Art Portfolio Poster.

Brilliant Artful Kids Products!

Finally, just for a bit of fun I might have to order these Light Switch Stickers – they look like so much fun and I’m sure we’d get some great designs for their bedrooms!

Carol x


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