My two children are very creative, both at home and at school! They are never happier than designing and making things from paper and card, and we have a special ‘Create’ wall in our kitchen where lots of their designs are displayed! They both love drawing and making their own pictures, posters and cards and both love making models and 3D designs too!

On Muff and Teacake I share simple and fun ideas for some crafty activities at home and also ideas from craft workshops and events we’ve attended as a family. It’s often the simplest things which can be most effective, and who doesn’t love a handmade gift or card for a special event or celebration! With my interior design focus, I also celebrate crafts and a few crafty ideas for the home!

Toucan Boxes: A Review

Toucan Box is a subscription craft box for kids aged 3-8, crammed full of activities, books and crafts to entertain your little ones. We ordered the Petite Box for our daughter as a free trial as she loves craft activities!

Toucan Boxes: A Review

Petite Box : £4.98 Inc Delivery – Delivered Fortnightly

The Petite box contains all the materials you need for 1 themed activity, so it’s suitable for 1 child. It is crammed with stickers, pens and instruction booklets. There is also an incentive to collect the sets of stickers and exchange full sets for bonus gifts.

Toucan Boxes - Online craft subscription boxes for children.

This is a fortnightly box, so every two weeks you will be sent a different themed box and charged. There is no contract and you are able to cancel at anytime.

We actually loved this box and thought it was good value for money! My daughter had the Royal Crown Box and was able to make and decorate a crown and some card finger puppets. Having the Toucan box delivered with my daughter’s name on the box really added to her excitement. The packaging is fun and inviting and there are additional craft ideas on the box too! My daughter couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

Toucan Boxes - Craft boxes for children.

Toucan also produce a Grande Box (£12.90 Inc Delivery – Delivered Monthly) which contains all the materials for 2 themed activities, plus a good quality story book and a parents activity pack with extra ideas. The theme of the box is changed each month.

The Super Box (£19.90 Inc Delivery – Delivered Monthly) has all the materials for 4 themed activities, plus a good quality story book and an extra parents activity pack with extra ideas. This like the Grande Box, it is a monthly box, with the theme changed each month. You can also add an “Extra Sibling” option for an extra £9.95

Toucan Boxes - Subscription craft boxes for children.

Toucan Box also produce themed bundle boxes which contain a range of activities to keep children creatively busy.

I haven’t decide whether to commit to a fortnightly subscription (although my daughter insists I do!), but will definitely be looking to get some boxes for both my children for the school summer holidays! They would be ideal to take away too as, very cleverly, everything is included in the box for the activity and no extra craft materials are needed!

Have you subscribed to Toucan Box, I’d love to hear from you!

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Children’s Crafts at Millbrook Garden Centre

I often think that garden centres are right up there amongst some of my favourite places, especially as a Mum with a young family!

I love wandering along the aisles of plants and flowers, making new discoveries and planning projects for my own garden. However, these days there are so much more to garden centres than plants, and long gone are the days when you only visited during the spring and summer months! All of my local garden centres (especially the Millbrook chain) offer year round attractions, gorgeous Christmas gift shops and displays, seasonal activities, lovely coffee shops and plenty to entertain children throughout the year.

Children’s Crafts at Millbrook Garden Centre

We love taking our children out at weekends and a visit to a local garden centre often features on our weekend ‘to-do’ list. Both our children have inherited our love of nature and the outdoors, and both enjoy art and craft activities too, so a visit to our local Millbrook garden centre for a craft activity at half-term seemed a win-win option! childrens-crafts-millbrook-garden-centre

Our children opted for a bird house craft activity and both had great fun!

When we arrived everything was set up and ready to go. All the resources were on the tables and as soon as the majority of children had arrived for the pre-booked session they were allowed to start creating their bold, bright and beautiful bird houses!



My husband and I were there and had a surprisingly restful morning, watching the craft activity whilst treating ourselves to a drink and a pastry! The children were given a complimentary drink and biscuit during the activity and everyone, parents and children alike, really enjoyed the session!




We can’t wait to book a few more craft sessions for Easter, the perfect opportunity to do a little plant shopping too!

Why not pop along to your local garden centre, you’ll be surprised at what they have to offer families all year round!

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Crafty Cards To Make

We are in a very busy phase at the moment and every day my son comes home from school with a new party invitation! There are obviously a lot of summer born children in his class!

I’m constantly looking for birthday cards and gifts for his friends and it’s always nice to come across something different! I recently discovered the Artful Kids website, what a brilliant find! Artful Kids is a Children’s Art and Creativity Boutique and it’s packed with fabulous finds!

Crafty Cards To Make

Both my children love drawing and they have their own sketchpads which they continually draw and doodle in. It’s lovely when they also have a chance to draw for a purpose and I love the Artful Kids ‘Make Your Own Cards’ – such a simple and great idea!

My son has just fininshed a ‘monster’ card for his friend – not the fiercest monster I’ve seen but a great personalised card all the same!

A crafty card from Artful Kids…

They have several cards in their range and I’ve kept a few back for family birthdays too!

Crafty Cards!

There are some lovely finds on Artful Kids, I love the Alphabet Crayons (possibly too nice to use?!) and the Art While You Eat Placemats are such a clever idea!

I display a lot of the children’s drawings and art work on my kitchen wall, and then eventually the special pieces get filed away. I do like the Art Acrylic Blocks as a more permanent and colourful way to display their pictures and also the Art Portfolio Poster.

Brilliant Artful Kids Products!

Finally, just for a bit of fun I might have to order these Light Switch Stickers – they look like so much fun and I’m sure we’d get some great designs for their bedrooms!

Carol x