I love it when I find something new in a skincare range, especially if it’s a gentle range based on natural ingredients. Whilst browsing on Not On The High Street, I came across Blended Therapies, a company local to me in Kent and with a brilliant approach to skincare.

Blended Therapies Aromatherapy Christmas Gifts

Blended Therapies offer natural aromatherapy products for you, your family, pets (yes, pets!) and home. Their products are handmade from pure premium quality essential oils and hypoallergenic bases. Blended Therapies products have also been designed to effectively treat and prevent common ailments naturally whilst promoting a positive attitude to well-being.

Foot Cream


Their aim is to make wonderful products which do what they say on the pot, and there’s nothing more reassuring and powerful than that!

Relaxing Bath Soak


All base products are ‘lanolin’ and ‘paraben’ free which is great news, and they also use natural SLEs. All blends used contain nothing but the highest grade of therapeutic essential oils chosen for their healing properties. They are not diluted or adulterated in any way.

Make me happy…


I have a few Christmas gift ideas (more to follow in a later post!) and have earmarked some of their products for my projects, including their foot cream and range of gardener’s products’! My daughter also suffers from seasonal (winter) eczema, and I’m tempted to try a couple of products on her too, avoiding my GP’s steroid based cream as much as possible.

Do you have any aromatherapy products you use, I’d love to hear from you!

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All images courtesy of Blended Therapies.


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