With Halloween just around the corner, I can’t wait to read my children Florentine and Pig and the Spooky Forest Adventure! This is a truly delightful picture book, with the added bonus of some recipes and crafts for the family to try too.

I’m planning on having a few Florentine and Pig activities at the ready during half-term next week. The ‘Snuggly Buggly Marshmallow Brownies’ will be a hit with my daughter, and my son will love making the ‘Magic Shape Shiner’!

A Spooky Forest Adventure

There’s a monster on the loose, and Florentine and Pig are determined to catch it! What will they need for their monster-catching expedition?

A great Halloween read!

Binoculars? Check! Torch? Check! Super-scrummy supper? CHECK! (Well, monster catching IS rather hard work!)

But is there REALLY a monster out there, or are Florentine and Pig’s imaginations playing tricks on them?

Florentine and Pig books, published by Bloomsbury, combine exciting and imaginative stories, with craft projects and recipes, encouraging children and parents to play, eat and create with each other… What isn’t there to love!

Eve Katzler created Florentine and Pig after working with children, and realising some of them had never known the pleasure of getting a little messy with their hands. She devised the characters as a way of encouraging children and adults to rediscover the joy of making things together. Much of the appeal of the books lies in the fantastic illustrations of Jess Mikhail, which are cleverly used to ensure the whole book – story, recipes and craft ideas flows perfectly as one.

I, for one, can’t wait to discover more of their books, and have some more craft and baking fun too! Keep them coming Eva and Jess, we’re hooked!

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