I spend quite a lot of time in our bedroom as we have our home office in one area of the room. Once I’ve finished my computer work I often sprawl papers and books on the bed for a ‘wind-down’ read, sometimes sneakily climbing under the duvet for a few minutes too!

I love a huge comfy bed and think there’s nothing better for you than a great nights sleep! We all lead such busy lives and yet if I’ve had a good nights sleep I feel I can cope with almost anything…

A Guide to Finding your Dream duvet
I have recently started re-designing our master bedroom, and after buying some new bedding I decided to treat myself to a new duvet as well. The initial choice was bewildering and it took a while to come up with the one which felt right for us!

A Guide To Finding Your Dream Duvet

It’s great to feel warm and cosy when you get into bed, but over-heating will mean a poor night’s sleep, and feeling cold will more than likely prevent any sleep at all! The secret to buying the right duvet is to consider the tog and filling which works best for you.

What’s a tog?

Duvets are available in a variety of ‘togs’. Togs basically tell you how warm you will be when sleeping under the duvet. The lower the tog, the cooler you’ll be. So you need a lower tog for Summer (4.5 tog) and a higher tog in Winter (13.5 or 15 tog). If you prefer to stick to just one duvet all year round (as we do) choose a tog rating of around 10.5.

Remember to choose low togs for young children as they get warmer quicker than adults and older children.

Choosing a Filling

We purchased our new duvet from Slumberdown, and were super impressed with the quality, feel and comfort it provided. They offer a range of fillings including Hollowfibre fillings which are soft and comfortable and will add more than a touch of luxury to your bed. A Memory Foam filling tends to be super supportive. Climate Control duvets cleverly regulate your temperature so you don’t get too hot or too cold through the night. We actually chose Climate Control, and couldn’t be happier with our choice!

Feather filled duvets are naturally lightweight and wonderfully comfy. Plus they’re one of the best fillings at keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Finally, anti-allergy duvets inhibit dust mites, bacteria and fungus, some of the major triggers of night time asthma and allergies.

Our new Slumberdown Climate Control duvet is the best we’ve ever had! Now to consider some matching pillows too!

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