There has never been anything like it! One camera has literally taken the blogging world by storm, and now every blogger wants an Olympus PEN, not least because this stylish camera has become THE camera for bloggers! But does it live up to all the hype? I’ve been doing my research online, with Olympus and via blogger friends!

I’m not an official expert on cameras, but my journey as a photographer and blogger has been immense, and I feel I’ve come a long way since one of my earliest posts on photography for bloggers! So, here goes…

5 Reasons an Olympus PEN is the camera for Bloggers

Instagram Friendly!

The Olympus PEN’s built-in Wifi connectivity and synchronising phone App mean that it literally takes seconds to post your photos on Instagram and Twitter. If you are on WordPress, as I am, you can also import pictures straight into a WordPress app, writing and building your next blog post as you go, completely on your phone. You can (how cool is this…) also adjust your settings to take square shots on your PEN, ready for posting to Instagram.

Handbag Handy!

An Olympus PEN is THE camera for Bloggers
Designed for bloggers!


The Olympus PEN isn’t a compact camera, but it’s light weight and compact size make it very so easy for you to carry it around with you in your bag, much easier than a hefty DSLR!


There is no denying that this camera has bags of style and is photographed by bloggers almost as much as it is used by them! It’s become the ultimate styling prop for flatlays, largely due to its chic and retro (but very ‘contemporary’) style! The cream/white version of the camera seems to be by far the most popular!

Screen Sirens

The Olympus PEN has a flip down screen, so clever, and absolutely perfect for selfies and videos!

If you want to find out more about this amazing camera, then you can view the product description here.

So, is it the ultimate camera? I would argue that if you want absolute quality you will never beat a full-frame DSLR, but I do believe that the Olympus PEN is an amazing camera and does everything a busy blogger wants, whilst producing fantastic images!

Two words of caution though… A camera (any camera) is only as good as the lenses you use with it, so make sure you invest in a couple of really good lenses! I’ll be posting some lens recommendations in another post shortly!

Secondly, the flip down screen does make me a bit apprehensive, you do need to be careful with this and I strongly recommend you buy a good quality camera strap and bag, this camera isn’t as robust as a DSLR and it needs careful protection.

Have any of you bought or used the Olympus Pen EPL-7? If so, what did you think of it?

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NB – This is not a paid for or sponsored post, and all opinions on the Olympus PEN are my own.


  • Jess
    Posted 2nd May 2016 12:04 pm 0Likes

    I LOVE the look of this camera, I’m trying to save up to invest in a decent one at the moment and I think this is the one I’ll be going for! I’ll be looking out for your post on lenses too 🙂

    Jess xo

  • Ana De- Jesus
    Posted 2nd May 2016 4:41 pm 0Likes

    I have heard some great feedback about the Olympus Pen but have never tried it out. I have a Nikon DSLR 3100 but it is so difficult to use!

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