The weeks of preparation are finally behind us, and Christmas is here! I’m sure lots of people love Christmas, but for many it can be a time of stress, worry and exhaustion! For my final post before the big day, I thought I’d share some very simple tips to help you survive Christmas… Here goes…

Christmas CAN be fun!


10 Tips to Survive Christmas

  1. Forget ‘perfect’ and focus instead on ‘good enough’. Expectations run high at this time of year, and we unnecessarily put ourselves under immense pressure to be ‘perfect’ and have the perfect Christmas.
  2. Don’t be fooled by social media, pictures of everyone else having a marvellous Christmas are not always what they seem!
  3. Go for a walk, sometimes getting out of the house and exercising is all that’s needed to relieve stress.
  4. Get plenty of sleep – tiredness does nothing other than fray nerves and leave you feeling overwhelmed.
  5. Look ahead – if things are getting tense and difficult, focus on planning a lovely treat for the new year. Set an objective or goal to get you through!
  6. Monitor how much alcohol you drink! It’s lovely to have a festive drink or two, but alcohol can easily affect your mood and inhibitions.
  7. Delegate! Even delegating the simplest tasks can take some of the burden off you!
  8. Take a few minutes out and take time to breathe. Just a few minutes away from the noise and chat can do wonders to recharge batteries. Power naps of 10-15 minutes are great too!
  9. Try to see the funny side – better to laugh than to cry!
  10. Keep everything in perspective, it’s just one day of the year!

Some of these might work better for you than others, but I hope that whatever happens over the next few days, you’ll have a very ‘Merry Christmas’… See you the other side!

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